Who and what are third party debt buyers?

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Most of the cases that I handle for Florida consumers involve third party debt buyers.  What is a third party debt buyer?  They are companies that buy old, bad debts from the original companies or other debt collection firms.  For instance, if you have a Sears card and default, Sears will eventually write off the debt.  That means they do an accounting entry on their books and decide they are not going to get paid.  Periodically they sell those debts to other companies for pennies on the dollar.  The other companies eventually call you and try and collect.  Eventually a lawsuit may get filed.  Some of the active third party debt buyers here in Florida are: 

  1. Asset Acceptance
  2. Cach, LLC
  3. Crown Funding
  4. CSGA, LLC
  5. Elite Recovery Services
  6. Erin Capital
  7. LVNV Funding
  8. Midland Funding
  9. MRC Receivables
  10. NCO Portfolio
  11. National Revenue
  12. Palisades
  13. Portfolio Recovery Associates
  14. Unifund
  15. Worldwide Asset Purchasing, LLC

In addition to being contacted by these companies, you may also be contacted by their attorneys.  Some of the law firms involved are:

  1. Harold Scherr & Associates
  2. Marcadis & Associates
  3. Hayt Hayt & Landau
  4. Sprechman & Associates
  5. Pollack & Rosen
  6. Borack & Associates

There are many other law firms around the state who also handle third party debt cases.  I currently have ongoing cases against all of these law firms.

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